Friction in Ourselves

Message based on Romans 12:1-3

Most Christians have a tendency to see themselves either as worse than they really are or as better than they really are. You do not often find a person who has found a good balance within themselves to see themselves the way God sees them. We cannot confirm to the patterns of this world, because these patterns cause friction within us. We cannot think of ourselves more highly than we ought, because it leads to friction. We must allow our minds to be renewed and refreshed by the spirit of God. We must have a sober self-assessment so we can live from our truest selves and live our lives to the fullest.

Friction in our Families

Prayer for Illumination-Scripture Reading-Message-Great Thanksgiving

During challenging times, individuals within families have a tendency to turn inward and focus on themselves rather than focusing on those around them. However, strong families are committed to having the same mindset as Christ when they face trying times. Friction comes when each person approaches the other with a selfish attitude. The fact is that to avoid friction, each person must make the conscious decision to put others first and to serve them above themselves. It is about choosing to be sacrificial rather than selfish, and that choice brings peace.